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I have stalked 4th Grade Frolics "Monday Made It" for two summers now.  I finally decided in March of this year it was time to start a blog and join the rest of the teaching community in sharing what works in my world since it might just work in yours, too!  

Needless to say, this is my first Monday Made It and I am so excited to share what I've been working on this past week! A little history may be in order if this is the first time you've visited my blog.  I have been a classroom teacher for the last 21 years and have taught every grade level K-5 at some point in my career. On several occasions I was able to loop with my class to the next grade.  I highly recommend doing that if you ever get the chance! Anywho, In March, I interviewed for and got the position of Media Specialist (notice my use of capital letters there...moving up to the B.I.G. time!). So, you will find a mix of classroom ideas and materials as well as media center ideas as I transition into this new position. I hope you'll join me for the adventure!

Enough of that!  I have 2 completed Monday Made Its to share with you and a work in progress. Let's start with the finished ones, shall we?

My first MMI was really simple.  I bought a "diploma" frame from the Dollar Tree. They are light weight which means I can adhere them to my G.A.R.G.A.N.T.U.A.N. (I kid you not...think 7 feet, yes, I said FEET long) bulletin board with foam tape. I purchased the subway art from Catherine Reed over at The Brown Bag. Click on the picture to see the product in Catherine's store. I am using these in the media center, but you could easily use them in your classroom library!

 Genre Subway Art by The Brown Bag

My second MMI is my new unit Geometry Games Galore!  I uploaded a freebie game some time ago, and it has met with great success.  I hope you'll take a minute to check the whole unit out.  It is on sale for the next 24 hours! Click on any of the pictures below to check out the unit.
 Geometry Games Galore

 Geometry Games Galore
 Geometry Games Galore
The beauty of this unit is that it includes individual practice, partner practice, and small group opportunities. There are activities with recording sheets so that parents can see what their student is working on and there are work mats that you write on with an Expo and wipe clean. I tried to include a good balance of the two so that you aren't running a million copies, but parents are still kept informed.  I also leveled the materials where ever possible and color coded it for convenience. There's a real world shape sort that is perfect for kindergarten, first, and ESOL learners. My kiddos had a blast playing all of the different games. I hope yours do, too!

Last, but certainly not least, is my work in progress.  I am working on decor for my media center. There weren't very many decorative items left by the retiring media specialist so that means the sky's the limit on what I can do in there!  It is obviously a much larger space than I am used to decorating, so I am trying to think out side of the box (read trying not to go broke) and on a larger scale than normal.  So, I found some paper-mache letters at Hobby Lobby (at least that's what I call them). They were on sale 50% off. Each letter ended up costing $1,49.  I bought 5 sheets of scrapbook paper at $.59 each. I already had the paint, Mod Podge, and foam brushes at home. This is stage one of the two part project. 
In step one, I painted all of the letters (2-3 coats depending on the color) 360 degrees. 
Step 2: I traced and cut out the letter on the coordinating color scrapbook paper.
Step 3: I applied Mod Podge to the paper-mache letter and to the back of the paper letter.

Step 4: Carefully line the paper letter up. You can gently pull it up if you don't align it correctly, but be very careful because it will tear pretty easily.  Have a grocery rewards card or something of that nature handy to help press out any air bubbles. Start at the top or bottom and smooth the paper down.

In the end, you wind up with this:

The last stage in this project is going to require these and some cute clearance pots from Michaels. Hopefully I'll have it finished for the big reveal next week!
Thanks for stopping by and for sharing all of your fantastic ideas. It's time to update my Target shopping list.....

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