Bargain Time!

Have you ever experienced a runner's high?  Well, I've heard of it....but must admit that I would only run long enough to reach that exalted state if the hounds of Hades were after me. Then again, maybe not...sweating is so not me!! 

Anyway, back on track. Some people get a high exercising, while I prefer to get mine shopping. Not just any old shopping - bargain shopping! Moving into a media center means that I am going to need to do seasonal decorating atop those endless rows of shelves. That meant a trip to some of my favorite shopping spots. Yippee!!

Target Deals

The giant bunny was marked down to $5, the adorable Peeps $1.29 apiece, the basket (I got 2) was $3, and the two country bunnies on the end were $1.50 each.  I was able to score all of this for less than $18. People, that big bunny was $19.99 originally....cue the happy dance!

Michael's Deals

I checked out JoAnn, but they had already been picked over. Womp, womp, womp.  However, my local Michael's craft store had 70% all of their Easter decorations...score!

This is the largest arrangement and came from the floral department. Do you see that tag that says $59.99. As if a teacher could afford to pay that. (Or anyone else in her right mind!)

Too stinkin' cute to pass up! (Except I would have if it had actually been $49.99.)

This one is smaller in size but just as cute!

These are my miscellaneous items. They include the cute bunny, two chickadee garlands, one Happy Easter garland, and two bags of eggs.

The entire haul from Michael's was less than $50!!! All I can say is oh, happy day!

Remember, it's always good financial practice to shop for seasonal items after the holiday. There are two advantages: 1) Price (need I say more???) and 2) You have an entire year to locate ideas on Pinterest, TpT, or various blogs.  For those creative individuals, it gives you time to create your own fabulous lesson with those eggs, shamrocks, etc.!

New Adventures

Hello!  Welcome to my little blog. Let me introduce myself. I am Tonya- a Christian mom to 3 wonderful boys, a wife, a veteran teacher of 20 years, an avid reader, and soon to be media specialist!  When I set the wheels in motion for this new blog, I had no idea I would be embarking on a new adventure hence the name of the blog Storybook Endings in Second.  However, a once in a lifetime opportunity to move into the media center came my way, and there was no way I was going to pass it up!!  So this blog will be a combination of all the little tricks I've learned in the classroom teaching everything from kindergarten through fifth grade as well as the new things I learn in the media center.  I hope you will stop by occasionally to check out the latest happenings.

Like many of you, I've contracted spring fever which means my mind has moved onto decorating my space for next year!  My new school's mascot is the knights (are they actually considered "mascots" in elementary school???) and the colors are purple and green.  The media center has a gigantic castle in it which is where read alouds are conducted.  It is amazing (and H.U.G.E.)!  I will post pictures of it at a later date. Anywho,  I have started working on creating the table numbers for next year.  I have 4 different options to choose from. At first glance, they may all look the same. Look more closely, my friend, and you will notice that the color in the center of the flower is different.  I can't decide which one I like the best.  Please leave me some feedback with your favorite color combination. The one with the top number of votes will be the "winner, winner, chicken dinner" as the kiddos like to say!

 Decisions, decisions....