Five for Friday~ July 8

Kacey is hosting Five for Friday on her blog Doodle Bugs Teaching. Grab a sweet iced tea, pull up a chair, and prepare to read what all of your blogging buddies have been doing this week.

Okay, I must confess....this is not me!  However, it is a picture of the two bathing suits I order from Land's End on sale with an additional 40% off.  The two suits cost less than 1 at regular price! #score

They are just in time for this......
Photo from Wake and Wonder

My family will be heading for our yearly summer vacation on the Isle of Palms this month.  I.Can't.Wait!  The beaches are fantastic and the proximity to Charleston means you can eat at restaurants that specialize in seafood....a family favorite! You can also go on lots of different history tours (which my boys and husband love) and of course there's some shopping for mom. :) #winwin #everyoneshappy

Those swimsuits are also just in time for lounging by the pool at our new house!  We don't move in until August, but this is an actual picture of the pool....I.Can't.Even!  It looks like a resort, and my family is beyond excited as we all love the water!

I have two new products in my store:
You can read all about Hold It! HERE. I am super excited about implementing this system in my media center next year! I love procedures that make our super busy teacher lives easier!! And speaking of making your life easier, take a look at my Teacher Calendar.
You can take a look at the inside pages HERE. At only a $1, this is just a wise use of your money since you receive a new updated calendar every year at no additional cost! Click on either of the pictures to head over to my TpT store to check these out.
Last, but not least, I have been working diligently to finish my first Library Decor and Signage pack. I am in the flattening stages, so hopefully it will be uploaded to my TpT store by Monday.  Here's a sneak peak....
It is chock full of bright happy colors! You really have a variety of choices on size and design in several of the items offered in the pack. I've included the table of contents to give you an idea of what you'll be getting.
I'm going to refill my coffee cup with decaf this time :( and head over to read all the posts at Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Wow! on your new house with gorgeous pool! Exciting. And when in Charleston be sure to take the ghost tour... lots of history and shivers there :) Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. We are super excited about that pool!! I have thought about the ghost tours, but my youngest is only 7....I think we are going to have to wait a few more years since I am rather fond of sleep. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I LOVE your bathing suits, your trip destination (heavenly!!!) and your new home! That POOL!!!! And your products look amazing. Enjoy this summer. What fun you have to look forward to! :)

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